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Part 2 - General Books:

(ABBAS A15841)
ABBAS, ACKBAR. Hong Kong: Culture and the Politics of Disappearance. 153 pp., notes, index. Encompasses Jackie Chan, John Woo, and important texts on Stanley Kwan and Wong Kar-Wai. British colonial architecture and postmodern skyscrapers. 8vo, wraps. University of Minnesota Press, 1997. Fine. $20.00 [Order]

(African American Review A17979)
African American Review. African American Review Vol. 36, No. 3 (2002). This issue contains essay on Oscar Michaux by Dan Moos. 8vo, wraps. 2002. Fine. $10.00 [Order]

(AGEL A17258)
AGEL, HENRI. Cinema et nouvelle naissance. 292 pp., notes, index of films cited. Covers everything from John Ford westerns to Ingmar Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Bresson, and beyond. In French. 8vo, wraps. Paris, Albin Michel, 1981. Near fine. $25.00 [Order]

BAMBARA, TONI CADE. Deep Sightings and Rescue Missions: Fiction, Essays, and Conversations. 257 pp. Ed. and pref. Toni Morrison. Fiction and film criticism on contemporary Black cinema (Julie Dash, Spike Lee, Ousmane Sembene, Larry Clark, et al.) 8vo, papered boards., d.j. First ed. New York, Pantheon, 1996. Fine/Fine. $16.50 [Order]

BERNARDI, DANIEL, ed. The Birth of Whiteness: Race and the Emergence of U.S. Cinema. ix, 378, b&w text illus., notes, bibliog., index. 15 critical essays by noted film historians, grouped in categories from white nationalism to colonialism. Directors and films discussed include: Oscar Micheaux, D.W. Griffith, the Jack Johnson fight films, Birth of a Nation, Ramona, Madame Butterfly, Nanook of the North, Sessue Hayakawa's silent film career, Micheaux's treatment of miscegenation, Cecil B. DeMille's Asian settings, and much more. 8vo, wraps. New Brunswick, Rutgers Univ. Press, 1996. As new. $15.00 [Order]

BERNSTEIN, MATTHEW and GAYLYN STUDLAR. Visions of the East: Orientalism in Film. ix, 330 pp., b&w text illus., bibliog., index. 11 critical essays on topics as various as Egyptomania, oriental dance in Hollywood musicals, Disney's Aladdin, French colonial cinema of the 1930's and after, the British construction of Cleopatra, William Wyler's The Letter. 8vo, wraps. New Brunswick, Rutgers Univ. Press, 1997. Fine. $20.00 [Order]

(BIGGS A15862)
BIGGS, MELISSA E. French Films 1945-1993: A Critical Filmography of the 400 Most Important Releases. 357 pp., some b&w illus., filmography of some 400 films listed alphabetically by French title with cross-references from English or alternative titles, index. Includes all the Golden era classic directors, New Wave, and after. 8vo, gilt-lettered green cloth. No d.j. (as issued). Jefferson, McFarland, 1996. Fine. $35.00 [Order]

(BIRCH A9313)
BIRCH, HELEN, ed. Moving Targets: Women Murder and Representation. 302 pp., notes, index. Ten critical essays on topics from true crime to Hollywood's serial killers, killer-moms, etc. 8vo, wraps. First ed. Berkeley, Univ. of California Press, 1994. Fine. $16.00 [Order]

(BOBO, J A15849)
BOBO, JACQUELINE, ed. Black Women Film & Video Artists. xviii, 246 pp., filmog., bibliog. 11 critical texts which do much to restore the historic place of black women filmmakers. 8vo, wraps. New York, Routledge, 1998. As new. $30.00 [Order]

(BOGLE A6250)
BOGLE, DONALD. Brown Sugar: Eighty Years of America's Black Female Superstars. 208 pp., over 150 b&w illus., bibliog., index. From Ethel Waters, Lena Horne, Ma Rainey and Josephine Baker to Aretha Franklin, the Supremes, Cicely Tyson, Miriam Makeba, Vonetta McGee, Pam Grier and Tamara Dobson. Useful survey. 4to, wraps. Reprint of 1980 ed. New York, Da Capo, 1990. Near-fine. $18.00 [Order]

(BOVAY A12878)
BOVAY, GEORGES-MICHEL. Cinema: un oeil ouvert sur le monde. 152 pp., 100 very nice b&w photos and stills (many full-page), list of illus. Includes texts by Jean Cocteau, Georges Sadoul, Andre Bazin, Leon Moussinac, Maurice Bessy, Nicole Vedres, et al. In French. Large 8vo, boards. Numbered first ed. Lausanne, Guilde de livre, 1952. Near-fine. $35.00 [Order]

(BURCH A17232)
BURCH, NOEL. Theory of Film Practice. x, 172 pp., notes, index. Reprint of the 1969 classic in film studies. Analysis of Antonioni's La Notte and Cronaca di un amore, Dovzhenko's Earth, Bresson's Au Hasard Balthazar, Renoir's Nana, Godard's Pierrot le Fou, Hitchcock's The Birds, Marcel Hanoun's Une Simple Histoire, the structural use of sound, spatial and temporal discontinuities, and much more. 8vo, wraps. First Princeton paperback ed. Princeton Univ. Press, 1981. As new. $22.00 [Order]

(Cahiers du Cinema A14796)
Cahiers du Cinema. Cahiers du Cinema (in English) 5 / 1967 ANDY WARHOL. The scarce Warhol issue of the famous Cahiers, here in the rarely found English language edition. 4to, wraps. New York: Joseph Weill, 1967. V.G. $100.00 [Order]

(Cahiers du Cinema A14798)
Cahiers du Cinema. Cahiers du Cinema (in English) Dec 1967 Jean-Luc Godard. Ed. by Andrew Sarris. Historically important issue on Godard in the uncommon English language edition. 4to, wraps New York: Joseph Weill, 1967. VG (covers rubbed). $45.00 [Order]

(Camera Obscura A14956)
Camera Obscura. Camera Obscura No. 1 (1976). 142 pp. The inaugural issue of this highly important journal of feminist film criticism. Contains interview with Yvonne Rainer; texts on Jackie Raynal's "Deux Fois"; and a theoretical essay, "The Apparatus," by Jean-Louis Baudry; Woman Working by Christina Creveling. 8vo, wraps. First ed. 1976. About near fine clean tight copy (light rubbing at corner tips, spine crease). $20.00 [Order]

CHARLES, JOHN. The Hong Kong Filmography, 1977-1997: A Complete Reference to 1,100 Films Produced by British Hong Kong Studios. Excellent reference work to the Golden Age of Hong Kong cinema. Each film listed includes production and cast credits, a plot synopsis, and the author's appraisal of the work. Stout 4to, papered boards. No d.j. (as issued). Jefferson, McFarland, 2000. Upper cornertips bumped. $72.50 [Order]

CHEVASSU, FRANCOIS. L'Expression cinematographique: Les elements du film et leurs fonctions. 251 pp., 90 b&w stills, bibliog., index of names, index of films. Covers all aspects of film - framing, montage, depth of field, sound, music, etc. Examples drawn mostly from American classics and post-war French film. Sq. 8vo, wraps. Paris, Lherminier, 1977. Near-fine. $16.00 [Order]

(CHOW A3623)
CHOW, REY. Primitive Passions: Visuality, Sexuality, Ethnography, and Contemporary Chinese Cinema. xiv, 252pp, notes, index. The most important recent academic study of recent cinema from the People's Republic of China by directors such as Chen Kaige and Zhan Yimou. Not a coffee table book. 8vo, 1/4 cloth, no d.j. (as issued.) New York, Columbia Univ. Press, 1995. As new. $50.00 [Order]

CHRISTENSEN, TERRY. Reel Politics: American Political Movies from Birth of a Nation to Platoon. 244 pp., illus., bibliog., filmog., index. Important study of a central body of Hollywood films from D.W. Griffith to the 80s. The films covered include: The Birth of A Nation, The Big Crowd, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Dictator, Citizen Kane, Watch on the Rhine, All The King's Men, The Last Hurrah, Advise and Consent, Dr. Strangelove, The Candidate, All The President's Men, The Front, The Deer Hunter, Norma Rae, The Seduction of Joe Tynan, Reds, Missing, Rambo and Platoon. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. New York, Basil Blackwell, 1987. Fine tight clean copy, in near fine dustjacket. $80.00 [Order]

(COHAN A10958)
COHAN, STEVEN and INA RAE HARK, eds. The Road Movie Book. xvi, 379 pp., b&w illus. Nineteen scholarly articles on various aspects of this important genre of filmmaking. Includes discussion of: It Happened One Night, The Grapes of Wrath, The Wizard of Oz, Bonnie and Clyde, Motorpsycho, Paris Texas, Rain Man, Thelma and Louise, Natural Born Killers, Mad Max, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. 8vo, wraps. London, Routledge, 1997. As new. $25.00 [Order]

(COWIE A2955)
COWIE, PETER. Sweden I & II (2 vols.). 224 pp. & 256 pp., richly illus. Credits and plots of over 70 films, discussion of major themes and directors. Square 12mo, wraps. (Ist printing). London, Zwemmer, 1970. Edges slightly rubbed, else near-fine. $25.00 [Order]

DALLE VACCHE, ANGELA. The Body in the Mirror: Shapes of History in Italian Cinema. xvii, 306 pp., bibliog., index. Excellent study of the national self-image in Italian film from the silents through the post-68 period. 8vo, wraps. Princeton Univ. Press, 1992. Fine. $45.00 [Order]

(DIAWARA A16817)
DIAWARA, MANTHIA, ed. Black American Cinema. ix, 324 pp., bibliog., index. A major collection of 19 critical texts on many aspects of black cinema from Oscar Micheaux and Wallace Thurman through Spike Lee and Julie Dash. Includes writing by Amiri Baraka, Clyde Taylor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Thomas Cripps, Toni Cade Bambara, Jacqueline Bobo, Michele Wallace, bell hooks, et al. 8vo, wraps. London and New York, Routledge, 1993. As new. (Pub. at $19.95). $15.00 [Order]

(East-West A6413)
Dissanayake, Wimal, ed. East-West Film Journal [Complete run]. Complete run of an important scholarly cinema studies periodical that was published twice yearly, in January and July, from 1986-1994, by the Program for Cultural studies, East-West Center, Honolulu. The major voice for scholarly articles on Asian cinema during the late 1980s-early 90s. Very important reference on this topic during the Renaissance of Chinese film, on new Japanese cinema as well as the cinema of Korea, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Every major film studies scholar wrote for this journal at one time or another. In English. 8vo, wraps. 1986-1994. As new. NOTE: Shipping to U.S. destination 40.00; elsewhere please inquire. $300.00 [Order]

(EISNER A4257)
EISNER, LOTTE H. The Haunted Screen: Expressionism in the German Cinema and the Influence of Max Reinhardt. 360 pp., many stills, bibliog., filmog., index. The great classic text on German Expressionist film. Stout 8vo, cloth, d.j. First U.S. ed. Berkeley, Univ. of California Press, 1969. Fine, in near fine dustjacket with just a small bit of rubbing top edge of spine. A lovely copy. $70.00 [Order]

EVERSON, WILLIAM K. The Detective in Film. 247 pp., photos, index. Sherlock Holmes, Thin Man, etc. 4to, cloth, d.j. First ed. Secaucus, Citadel, 1972. V.G., in v.g. worn d.j. $16.00 [Order]

FEHRENBACH, HEIDI. Cinema in Democratizing Germany: Reconstructing National Identity after Hitler. 384 pp., 19 illus., index. 8vo, cloth. First ed. University of North Carolina Press, 1995. About fine. (Pub. at $59.95) $40.00 [Order]

(Femme Flicke A12737)
Spangler, Tina, ed. Femme Flicke No. 7 (1997). 34 pp.This issue of the independent lesbian film magazine contains an interview with black filmmaker Cheryl Dunye on her film Watermelon Woman (a narrative about a black documentary filmmaker piecing together the life of a long-forgotten black actress); an additional 6 pp. insert Guide to Women directors, listing more than 250 directors and their films; reviews of 7 important lesbian films from 1997. 8vo, stiff card wraps. Cambridge, 1997. Fine. $20.00 [Order]

(FENIN A13901)
FENIN, GEORGE and WILLIAM K. EVERSON. The Western: From Silents to Cinerama. 362 pp., hundreds of illus., index of names and film titles. Excellent survey. Stout sq. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. Orion, 1962. Near fine, in about fine d.j. $25.00 [Order]

(FENIN A5066)
FENIN, GEORGE and WILLIAM K. EVERSON. The Western: From Silents to Cinerama. 362 pp., hundreds of illus., index of names and film titles. Excellent survey. Stout sq. 8vo, pictorial stamped cloth. New York, Bonanza Books, 1962. No d.j., else v.g.+. $18.00 [Order]

FRAENKEL, HEINRICH. Unsterblicher Film: Die Grosse Chronik von der Laterna Magica bis zum Tonfilm. 499 pp., b&w illus. Classic text on film history. In German. Stout 8vo, cloth. Munich, Kindler, 1956. Near fine. $25.00 [Order]

(FULLER A7068)
FULLER, KATHRYN H. At the Picture Show: Small-Town Audiences and the Creation of Movie Fan Culture. 248 pp., b&w illus. and photos, notes, bibliog., index. 8vo, 1/4 cloth, d.j. Review copy. Smithsonian, 1996. Near-fine (half-title page crinkled), in fine d.j. $20.00 [Order]

(GEORGE A1848)
GEORGE, NELSON. Blackface, Reflections on African-Americans and the Movies. 224 pp. A collection of intelligent essays and ruminations on black filmmaking--its accomplishments, difficulties and possibilities. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. New York, Harper Collins, 1994. New. (Pub. at $22.) $12.00 [Order]

(GREGOR A15869)
GREGOR, ULRICH, ed. The German Experimental Film of the Seventies. Approx. 80 pp., b&w stills from dozens of films, printed recto only. Text in English. Uncommon. 12mo, transparent printed plastic cover, cards, bound with single brass brad Munchen.: Goethe-Institute, 1980. About fine. $27.50 [Order]

(Griffithiana A14493)
Turconi, Davide and Peter Lehman, Eds. GRIFFITHIANA Journal of Film History 60/61 (October 1997). 227 pp., illus. Scholarly film journal focused on silent film studies. This issue contains articles on Oscar Micheaux, on Chinese silent film, Griffith's music, and more. 8vo, stiff card covers. 1997. Fine. $30.00 [Order]

(GUBAR A13710)
GUBAR, SUSAN. Racechanges: White Skin, Black Face in American Culture. xxiii, 327 pp., illus., notes, index. A scholarly study of cross-racial impersonations and imitations in American film, photography, painting, fiction, poetry, and journalism. 8vo, 1/4 cloth, d.j. First ed. New York, Oxford Univ. Press, 1997. As new. $25.00 [Order]

(HAMES A3827)
HAMES, PETER. The Czechoslovak New Wave. x, 332 pp., illus. Excellent survey of the most notable films of the Czech New Wave such as the internatinoal prize-winning work of Milos Forman. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. Berkeley, Univ. of California, 1985. Fine/Fine. $22.50 [Order]

(HARPER A17087)
HARPER, PHILLIP BRIAN. Private Affairs: Critical Ventures in the Culture of Social Relations. xvii, 189 pp. The subjects range from cinema, literature, sculpture and lived encounters to Rodin's "The Kiss" and Jenny Livingston's controversial documentary "Paris is Burning." Good introduction to queer theory, gender studies or identity politics. 12mo, wraps. New York: NYU Press, 1999. Fine. $12.50 [Order]

HIGGINS, LYNN A. New Novel, New Wave, New Politics: Fiction and the Representation of History in Postwar France. ix, 259 pp., notes, index. Outstanding new revisionary analysis of new wave films by Francois Truffaut, Marguerite Duras, Louis Malle, et al, each studied in relation to the surrounding French political and historical contexts. The uncommon hardcover. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1996. As new. $60.00 [Order]

HILL, GEORGE and SPENCER MOON. Blacks in Hollywood: Five Favorable Years in Film and Television, 1987-1991. Inscribed on inside of front cover by author Spencer Moon. 174 pp., approx. 60 small b&w illus., indices of films, T.V. shows, and personalities. Excellent and comprehensive reference work of the Black screen Renaissance. 8vo, wraps. First ed. Los Angeles, Daystar, 1992. Fine. $24.50 [Order]

HOBERMAN, J. Bridge of Light: Yiddish Film Between Two Worlds. viii, 401 pp., richly illus., fine bibliography, appendix, glossary, index. Large sq. 8vo, cloth, d.j. Original large format ed. New York, Museum of Modern Art and Schocken, 1991. Fine, in fine d.j. $40.00 [Order]

(JONES A17714)
JONES, G. WILLIAM. Black Cinema Treasures: Lost and Found. Foreword by Ossie Davis. 242 pp., approx. 100 b&w film stills, appendices, index. Covers many directors in addition to Oscar Micheaux who were active in independent filmmaking from the silents through 1957. 8vo, wraps. First paperback edition 1997. Denton, Univ. of North Texas Press, 1991. Fine. $6.95 [Order]

(KUZNIAR A17711)
KUZNIAR, ALICE A. The Queer German Cinema. 314 pp., illus. A scholarly examination of gay and lesbian cross-dressing themes in classic German Weimar-era films, and many other topics. 8vo, wraps. Stanford Univ. Press, 2000. Fine. $27.50 [Order]

LAWRENCE, AMY. Echo and Narcissus: Women's Voices in Classical Hollywood Cinema. x, 212 pp., notes, references, filmog., index. Important feminist film critique of the silencing of the woman's voice in classical American cinema. Includes close analysis of: Sadie Thompson (both versions), Rain (both versions), Blackmail, Sorry Wrong Number, The Spiral Staircase, Notorious, To Kill a Mockingbird. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. Berkeley, Univ. of California Press, 1991. Fine/Fine. (Pub. at $47.50). $22.00 [Order]

LEE, HYANGJIN. Contemporary Korean Cinema: identity, culture and politics. vi, 244, illus., extensive filmography, substantial scholarly bibliog., index. 8vo, wraps. Manchester University Press, 2000. New. $24.00 [Order]

MCCORMICK, RICHARD W. Politics of the Self: Feminism and the Postmodern in West German Literature & Film. 262 pp., bibliog., index. Scholarly analysis. 8vo, wraps. Princeton, Princeton Univ. Press, 1991. Near-fine (rem. mark). $16.00 [Order]

(MELLEN A10711)
MELLEN, JOAN. Big Bad Wolves: Masculinity in the American Film. xvi, 365 pp., 40 illus., list of illus., index. Organized by decade, Mellen discusses the 'role' models created by Gable, Ladd, Fonda, Tracy, Bogart, Redford, Roundtree; the mystique of the silent hero (Cooper, Wayne, Eastwood); male comraderie; the war films by Wellman and Hawks, and other topics. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. New York, Pantheon Books, 1977. Fine/Fine. $18.50 [Order]

(MINH-HA A11388)
MINH-HA, TRINH T. When the Moon Waxes Red: Representation, Gender and Cultural Politics. x, 251 pp., b&w illus. Widely studied classic texts on Third World art and culture, issues of spectatorship, and more, by an avant-garde filmmaker. 8vo, wraps. Routledge, 1991. As new. $15.50 [Order]

(NEW YORK A15665)
NEW YORK. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Black Images in Film. 32 pp., 10 b&w illus., filmog., bibliog. Texts by Donald Bogle and James Briggs Murray; interview with film collectors Robert Gore and Ernest Smith. Oblong 8vo, stapled wraps. April 26-July 9, 1984. Fine. $30.00 [Order]

(NICHOLS A16195)
NICHOLS, BILL, ed. Movies and Methods: an anthology Vol. I. 640 pp. This first edition contains classic articles that were deleted from subsequent editions (as the authors gave more space to postmodern theory to make their text more trendy). Missing articles that are present here include, among numerous others, Truffaut's groundbreaking text A Certain Tendency of the French Cinema. [This edition may not be appropriate as the assigned text in a film studies class, but it is invaluable for historians of critical writing on film and belongs back in libraries who mistakenly discarded it.] Stout 8vo, wraps. First edition. Berkeley, Univ. of California Press, 1976. V.G. (mildly used). $16.00 [Order]

NOBLE, PETER. The Negro in films. 288 pp. including 39 photos, list of illus., appendices (including Griffith's defense of Birth of a Nation), lists of films, index. A historical study on race relations in British and Hollywood films by a British film critic. Includes both social history and sections on individual stars, including Paul Robeson, Lena Horne, Ethel Waters, Rex Ingram, Katherine Dunham, and many others. 8vo, black cloth. First ed. thus. London, Skelton Robinson, 1949. V.G.+. Tight clean copy with extremities lightly rubbed. $25.00 [Order]

(NULL A13759)
NULL, GARY. Black Hollywood: The Black Performer in Motion Pictures. 254 pp., hundreds of b&w illus., index. Good reference to the major players up to the 1970s. 4to, wraps. 6th printing. (Reprint of 1975 ed.) Secaucus, Citadel, 1990. As new. $10.00 [Order]

(PARISH A6880)
PARISH, JAMES ROBERT and RONALD L. BOWERS. The MGM Stock Company: The Golden Era. 862 pp. Useful reference work to over 150 studio contract players, brief filmogs., index. Stout 8vo, cloth, d.j. New York, Bonanza, 1972. Near fine, in near fine d.j. (slight rubbing to cornertips). $25.00 [Order]

(PEARY A9582)
PEARY, DANNY. Cult Movies: The Classics, the Sleepers, the Weird, and the Wonderful. 402 pp., over 400 illus., index of titles and names. Compendium covering everything from Hitchcock's Vertigo, classic foreign art films, independents such as Badlands, to Bedtime for Bonzo. An excellent must-see medley reflecting the taste of many film critics of the 70's. 4to, wraps. First printing. New York, Dell, 1981. V.G. (rear cover creases to lower corner). $17.50 [Order]

(Penguin Film Review A12876)
MANVELL, ROGER, ed. The Penguin Film Review 9 (1949). 57 pp., b&w stills. Includes: Critical symposium on Paisa, articles by Hans Richter, Siegfried Kracauer, Catherine de la Roche, Harry Watt on Film Making in Australia, Eric Ambler on Turning Novels into Films, articles on censorship, design, colour and the two-reel comedy. 12mo, wraps. First ed. London, 1949. V.G. (Pages age-toned, mildly waved, spine sunned). $16.00 [Order]

(PENLEY A6618)
PENLEY, CONSTANCE and SHARON WILLIS, eds. Male Trouble. 316 pp., notes, index. A major collection of critical feminist texts on the concept of "masculinity" in the popular media; Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, Pee Wee Herman, Chen Kaige, et al. 8vo, wraps. Minneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota, 1993. Near-fine. $17.50 [Order]

(PRAWER A9319)
PRAWER, S. S. Caligari's Children: The Film as Tale of Terror. 307 pp., 27 stills, bibliog., index of names, index of titles. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. Oxford Univ. Press, 1980. About fine crisp copy, in near-fine d.j. with a two short closed tears rear panel. $25.00 [Order]

RABINOVITZ, LAUREN. Points of Resistance: Women, Power & Politics in the New York Avant-Garde Cinema 1943-71. xi, 250 pp., filmog., notes, extensive bibliog., index. Focus on Maya Deren, Shirley Clarke and Joyce Wieland; well researched contextual material on the New American cinema movement of the sixties and avant-garde theater developments. 8vo, cloth. (No d.j., as issued). Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1991. As new. $27.50 [Order]

(ROSS A17256)
ROSS, KRISTIN. Fast Cars, Clean Bodies: Decolonization and the Reordering of French Culture. 261 pp., b&w illus., notes, bibliog., filmog., index. Covers the decade from Dien Bien Phu to the mid-1960s. Large 8vo, cloth, d.j. Cambridge, MIT Press, 1995. Fine/Fine. (New) $27.50 [Order]

(ROSS, KAREN A16286)
ROSS, KAREN. Black & White Media: Black Images in Popular Film & Television. xxv, 206 pp., bibliog., index, indices of films and television programs. 8vo, wraps. First ed. Cambridge (UK), Polity Press, 1996. As new. $32.50 [Order]

SCHELDE, PER. Androids, Humanoids, and Other Science Fiction Monsters. 279 pp., 24 illus., bibliog., filmog. of wks cited, index. Organized around issues; mostly recent Hollywood films. Small 4to, cloth, d.j. Review copy. (Pub. at $40.) New York, NYU Press, 1993. As new. $20.00 [Order]

(SEABURY A12972)
SEABURY, WILLIAM MARSTON. The Public and the Motion Picture Industry. xiv, 340 pp., appendix. Important information on trade associations, U.S. statutes governing the industry, chapters on England and France, censorship issues, etc. 8vo, gilt lettered cloth. First ed. New York, MacMillan, 1926. Near fine. $40.00 [Order]

(SEGRAVE A11128)
SEGRAVE, KERRY and LINDA MARTIN. The Continental Actress: European Film Stars of the Postwar Era. 314 pp., 80 b&w illus., biographies, filmographies, bibliographies, index. Includes: Anna Magnani, Brigitte Bardot, Simone Signoret, Monica Vitti, and many more. 8vo, cloth. No d.j. (as issued.) First ed. Jefferson, McFarland, 1990. As new. Fine bright copy.. $15.75 [Order]

London. BFI. Sight and Sound Film Review Vol. January 1993 to December 1993. 252 pp. Bound compendium of all film reviews from the monthly issues of this British publication in one volume with index of directors and titles for easy reference. Large 4to, laminated boards, no d.j. as issued. 1994. Fine. $25.00 [Order]

London. BFI. Sight and Sound. Film Review Volume. May 1992 to December 1992. 168 pp. Bound compendium of all film reviews from the monthly issues of this British publication in one volume with index of directors and titles for easy reference. Large 4to, laminated boards, no d.j. as issued. 1993. Rear corner, slight bump, else fine. $25.00 [Order]

(SLIDE A3895)
SLIDE, ANTHONY. Aspects of American Film History prior to 1920. 161 pp., text illus., index. 8vo, cloth. No. d.j. as issued. Metuchen, Scarecrow, 1978. Fine. $27.00 [Order]

(SLIDE A7762)
SLIDE, ANTHONY. The Griffith Actresses. 181 pp., approx. 150 illus., appendices of names. Chapters on Blanche Sweet, Mary Pickford, Mae Marsh, Carol Dempster, the Gish Sisters, Clarine Seymour, Miriam Cooper. Large 8vo, cloth, d.j. New York, A.S. Barnes, 1973. Fine, in near-fine d.j. $35.00 [Order]

(SLOAN A10719)
SLOAN, KAY. The Loud Silents: Origins of the Social Problem Film. ix, 166 pp., notes, filmog., bibliog., index. Chapters on sexual politics, suffragettes, labor unionism, criminality and the justice system. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. Urbana, Univ. of Illinois, 1988. Fine/Fine. $20.00 [Order]

(SNEAD A16199)
SNEAD, JAMES (with intro. by Cornel West). White Screen, Black Images: Hollywood from the Dark Side. xx, 153 pp., b&w illus., notes. Assembled after Snead's premature death, this book presents a broad selection of his critical film texts on both Hollywood films and Black independent cinema. Snead analyzes types of white supremacist discourse and the intricacies of racial coding from 1915-1985. Films discussed include: Birth of a Nation, King Kong, Shirley Temple in The Littlest Rebel, Mae West's I'm No Angel, Blonde Venus, Jezebel, and Disney's Song of the South in relation to Uncle Remus's tales. 8vo, wraps. New York, Routledge, 1994. Fine. $35.00 [Order]

SPERLING, CASS WARNER and CORK MILLNER. Hollywood Be Thy Name: The Warner Brothers Story. xiv, 365 pp., plus 32 pp. photos, index. 8vo, 1/4 cloth, d.j. First ed. Rockland, CA, Prima, 1993. Fine/Fine. $22.00 [Order]

SULLIVAN, KAYE. Films For, By, and About Women. Series II. 780 pp. Approx. 3000 films listed with brief synopsis, date, running time, film source. Appendices include a long list of women filmmakers, and a substantial subject index. Important reference work. Stout 8vo, cloth. No d.j. as issued. Metuchen, Scarecrow Press, 1985. Fine. $40.00 [Order]

TASKER, YVONNE. Spectacular Bodies: Gender, Genre and the Action Cinema. 195 pp., 11 pp. illus. Considers films such as such as Aliens, Blue Steel, Die Hard, Fatal Beauty, Rambo, Thelma and Louise, the Lethal Weapon series, Basic Instinct, Predator 2, and many others. Includes a chapter on Black Buddies and White Heroes. 4to, wraps. Routledge, 1993. Near fine (small area of lamination peeling on cover, else new book.) $17.50 [Order]

(Wide Angle A12412)
Baltimore. Wide Angle. Wide Angle: A Film Quarterly of Theory, Criticism and Practice Vol. 19, no. 2 (1997): Cinema 16, Part II. Special issue Cinema 16: Documents Toward a History of the Film Society, Part II, Fall 1952-1966. Includes letters between filmmakers (for ex., John Cassavetes, Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage, et al.) Important reprints of avant-garde programs, program notes and essays, numerous film reviews from the NY press, alphabetical listing of films, index of names, titles and organizations. 8vo, wraps. 1997. About fine clean bright copy, slight denting. $16.00 [Order]

(Wide Angle A12408)
Wide Angle [Slade, Joseph W., ed.]. Wide Angle: A Film Quarterly of Theory, Criticism and Practice Vol. 19, no. 3 (1997): Pornography. 175 pp., 38 b&w illus. and stills. Special issue on the topic of pornography. Scholarly articles on Maria Beatty's short films, lesbian pornography, the videos of John Leslie, gay male eroticism in photography and film, Doris Wishman. 8vo, wraps. 1997. About fine clean bright copy (light denting.) $30.00 [Order]

(ZHANG A12128)
ZHANG YINGJIN and ZHIWEI XIAO. Encyclopedia of Chinese Film. Important recent reference work (the first in English) which includes contemporary Chinese cinema (PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan and some transnational) along with the pre-Cultural Revolution classics. 472 pp., films with credit info., plots, directors, excellent bibliog., glossary of Chinese characters, index of titles, names, studios. Stout 4to, cloth. No d.j. (as issued). First ed. Routledge, 1999. As new. $275.00 [Order]

(ZHANG A12130)
ZHANG, XUDONG. Chinese Modernism in the Era of Reforms: Cultural Fever, Avant-Garde Fiction, and the New Chinese Cinema (Post-Contemporary Interventions). 431 pp., index. Excellent collection of texts on contemporary post-Tiananmen Chinese culture, literature, cinema. Stout 8vo, wraps. Duke University Press, 1997. As new. (Pub. at $22.00). $17.50 [Order]

(ZHANG, Y A17713)
ZHANG, YINGJIN, ed. Cinema and Urban Culture in Shanghai, 1922-1943. 369 pp. An important period in the development of Chinese cinema examined from a broad cultural perspective. Of interest to scholars of modernity, urban studies, and popular culture, as well as pre-Revolutionary Chinese culture. 8vo, wraps. First ed. Palo Alto: Stanford Univ. Press, 1999. As new. $17.50 [Order]

Part 3 - Stars:

(ASTAIRE A12905)
Freedland, Michael. FRED ASTAIRE: An Illustrated biography. 183 pp., b&w photos throughout, index. Outstanding tribute to Fred Astaire and his many dance partners: Ginger Rogers, Eleanor Powell, Judy Garland, Cyd Charisse, Rita Hayworth, and others. The uncommon hardcover edition. 4to, cloth, d.j. First U.S.ed. New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1977. Fine clean bright tight copy, in v.g. d.j. with two short closed tears rear panel of dustjacket. In protective brodart. $175.00 [Order]

(HARLOW A8360)
Stenn, David. Bombshell: The Life and Death of JEAN HARLOW. xii, 370 pp., illus., filmog., radio appearances, interviews, notes, index. Important well-researched biography. 8vo, 1/4 cloth, d.j. First ed. New York, Doubleday, 1991. As new. $75.00 [Order]

Andersen, Christopher. MICHAEL JACKSON Unauthorized. 283 pp., plus 14 pp. photos, index. Interesting biography based on countless interviews. 8vo, 1/4 cloth, d.j. First printing. Simon & Schuster, 1994. Mint, in fine d.j. with two specks of rubbing top edge. (Pub. at $23.00). $18.50 [Order]

(KEATON A3629)
Meade, Marion. BUSTER KEATON: Cut to the Chase. viii, 440 pp., 18 pp. illus., biblliog., filmog., index. Excellent recent biography of this great silent cinema comedian. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. New York, Harper Collins, 1995. Fine, in fine d.j. $19.50 [Order]

(KEATON A4433)
Moor, Jonathan. DIANE KEATON: The Story of the Real Annie Hall. 175 pp. biography of the Hollywood actress, also increasingly well-known as a photographer. 8vo, boards, d.j. First ed. New York, St. Martin's, 1989. Fine, in v.g. d.j. $22.50 [Order]

LANCHESTER, ELSA. Herself. 327 pp. autobiography, index. 8vo, cloth, d.j. First ed. New York, St. Martin's, 1983. Near-fine, in near-fine d.j. $18.00 [Order]

(MUNI A6261)
Lawrence, Jerome. Actor: The Life and Times of PAUL MUNI. 380 pp., illus. with photos and stills, index. 8vo, cloth, d.j. New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1974. V.G.+, in V.G. d.j. (a bit scuffed with wear at spine and corner tips). $22.50 [Order]

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